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The 6 best dog-friendly cafés in Melbourne

Don’t know if you know this about Baxta, but we heart dogs.

We are all about optimising the time you spend with your pup, so we have drunk a few hundred caffeinated beverages across Melbourne to bring you this list of dog-friendly cafes in Melbourne.

1. Industry Beans

Industry Beans offers delicious meals and excellent coffee. They import coffee beans directly from regions like Sumatra and Panama before roasting them in-house. You and your pup can can enjoy a wide variety of dishes ranging from coffee-rubbed Wagyu beef burgers (can recommend) to truffled eggs. All baked goods are homemade, which enhances their flavours significantly (trust us). Aside from an impressive breakfast menu and excellent coffee, visitors can also enjoy a dog-friendly backyard. If you’re looking for a great pet-friendly café in Melbourne, this is an excellent choice.

2. Cornerstone & Co.

If you’re in a mood for something unique, consider Cornerstone & Co., which combines traditional Japanese dishes with some beautiful Italian flavours. This culinary marriage has produced some beautiful, unique dishes like bircher muesli with green-tea poached peach, goji berries, passionfruit yogurt, and shaved blood orange granite. The cafe has a lovely contemporary vibe with lots of space for your beloved pupper, and it is an exciting option if you’re looking for a pet-friendly cafe in Melbourne. 

3. Patch Cafe

If you’re on a paleo diet, it can be challenging to find a pet-friendly cafe in Melbourne. Many places that serve paleo dishes don’t welcome pets while places that welcome pets don’t have many paleo options. Patch Cafe is different because it has a menu full of excellent paleo food items made from locally-sourced ingredients. There are some Asian influences like chargrilled Wagyu beef with sweet potato or beautiful daikon tuna rolls. Guests can also sample freshly roasted coffee served in 50’s style cups.

4. The Farm Cafe

The Farm Cafe is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy a hearty meal with some sunshine. This rustic cafe offers flavourful but simple dishes like a plate of bacon, pork sausage, eggs, roasted tomatoes, potato cake, mushrooms, and toast. People who prefer lighter meals can enjoy fantastic foods like thyme-roasted mushrooms on polenta or caramel banana bread with baked eggs. The Farm Cafe is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a dog cafe in Melbourne because it has open space for your pet to run around.

5. Leroys

There are few cafes as pet-friendly in Melbourne as Leroys. This establishment welcomes all members of a family, including four-legged ones, with great delight. Staff members make it a point to remember a pet’s name, which makes you feel uber welcome. Leroys offers a diverse menu with many options like simple avocado toasts, roast beef sandwiches, egg on sourdough, etc. While you enjoy an excellent meal, your puppies can play in a specially designed backyard with toys, sandpits, playgrounds, and children’s areas.

6. Rogue District

Do you want to grab a bite to eat before walking in the park or want to rest after a long play session? Rogue District is a perfect choice because it is quite close to a few dog-friendly areas. The cafe offers a host of Korean-inspired dishes made by an experienced Korean chef. You can sample delicious meals like beef bulgogi burger with kimchi on the side, sticky date cakes, or soft-shell crab burger.

These are some of the best dog-friendly cafes in Melbourne, and all of them are worth your time. If you’re looking for delicious meals, there is no lack of options. Every cafe offers something unique.

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