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Get wet at 10 of Sydney’s favourite dog-friendly beaches

From sunny beach walks to ocean dips, ride the wave with your water baby

Sydney’s beaches are world-class. And lucky for us, many of the councils are wising up to our love of sharing the sun and sand with our pets. We’ve curated a list of the ten best dog-friendly off-leash beaches in Sydney for you to enjoy.

Rose Bay Beach, NSW

This lovely beach overlooks the stunning harbour so you and your doggies can enjoy the best of what Sydney has to offer.

As the only official off-leash beach in the Eastern Suburbs, your fur babies can roam free all day while you laze the afternoon away.

It’s doggy (and fur parent) heaven!

Greenhills Beach, Cronulla

Greenhills Beach is a short walk along the esplanade from Cronulla Beach and towards the headland of Kamay Botany Bay National Park. And this doggy friendly beach is located directly on the foreshore of a spectacular ocean view.

Off-leash fur babies are welcomed before 10am and after 4pm each day.

So, make sure you get there super early to watch the sunrise or late to catch the sun going down on another day.

Bicentennial Park, Glebe

Nestled on the south bank of Rozelle Bay, Bicentennial Park in Glebe is an inner-city on and off-leash spot that offers a spectacular view of Sydney harbour.

Not exactly a white sandy beach, it still has the open water feel of the other spots listed.

And plenty of space to see your furry friend socialise with other dogs and cute kids.

Silver Beach, Kurnell

Just 24 km south of Sydney, Silver Beach is a great location to enjoy the sun and surf with your pooch.

Dogs are allowed off-leash at the western end of the long beach just in front of the Bonna Point Reserve car park.

Silver Beach usually has tiny waves, clear water, low tides and plenty of other friendly dogs for your fur baby to get to know.

Pearl Beach, Sydney

Located just 50 km north of the city centre, Pearl Beach is one of our favourite dog friendly spots on the central coast.

The area has shopping and restaurants for hoomans to enjoy and at the far north end of the beach, dogs are allowed off-leash!

This picturesque beach spot is one of the best in Sydney and we’re certain you’ll enjoy making special memories here with your fur babies.

Sirius Cove Reserve, Mosman

A beautiful spot for a picnic with your furry mate, Siruis Cove, located right on the harbour has lovely flat patches of grass with plenty of trees for shade.

This pup-friendly place has off-leash access all day from Monday to Friday.

Unfortunately, there’s restricted access on weekends (and public holidays), where you can only take your dog before 9 am and after 4 pm.

Clontarf Reserve, Clontarf

If you are a surfer, this beach is not for you! Safe and out of the way of more populated Sydney areas, this beach and marina offers enough to stay busy on a sunny day out with your pet.

It’s an on-leash only dog park, but there are heaps of things to do including a nice playground and some of the finest boat viewing in Sydney! What’s not to like.

Manly Lagoon, Manly

This is absolute heaven for your dog, but just don’t plan on hopping in the water yourself.

Stretching all the way to the Queenscliffe bike path, Manly Lagoon is surrounded by the lovely parkland of Manly Lagoon Park, Hinkler Reserve and Aitkin Reserve.

It’s off-leash for dogs 24 hours a day. So a romantic midnight stroll with your fur family is definitely on the cards!

Horderns Beach, Bundeena

Hordens Beach is a great place to bring your fur friend during the quieter winter months of May-August as there are no restrictions for them and plenty of off-leash space to enjoy.

A few more limits apply to the summer months of September to April.

Your pets are allowed with you every day of the workweek from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm as long as they’re leashed. And leash-free times are weekdays before 8.30 am and after 4.30 pm.

What a great sunrise and sunset location for you and your buddy to enjoy.

Flora and Richie Roberts Reserve, Curl Curl

Nestled between Dee Why and Fresh Water on the northern beaches of Sydney,  Flora and Richie Roberts Reserve is a cute dog-friendly spot just 18 km from the city centre.

Perfect for adventurous pups, there’s a sand dune area where your furry friends can enjoy running up and down all day. And then cool-off nearby in the pup-friendly lagoon.

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